6 Reasons Why Expert app developers India Prefer Using Ionic Platforms

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Updated on April 9, 2024


Ionic App Development

Companies have accepted the dominance of ionic app development for the popularity of a product or service. Customers prefer the convenience of using mobile apps for using or buying particular services or products on the go. If you are a web developer, software engineer, or team lead, you must have already perceived that the Ionic framework is excellent.

A step to excellence

Most of the ionic app developers need to achieve a few key objectives like

  • Building cross-platform apps.
  • Building cross-platform apps.
  • Quick solving of issues on the mobile apps.

The Ionic world will indeed, open a wider horizon if you want to make better applications for the clients. But it won’t be an easy task to convince the management that the framework will be beneficial. Here are the reasons that you can put forward while suggesting the recruitment of Webdecorum for app development. </>

Reason #1: Ease of cross-platform structuring:

When app developers in India start to build an application, the aim will be to successfully spread across multiple platforms. The app should work on Android, Windows phones, iOS, and other operating systems too. But building a native app on different platforms implies investing a lot of time to learn different languages.

  • The implementation of Ionic solves the above problem as it offers the flexibility to build cross-platform apps.
  • Conversion from one operating system to another will no longer be a complex procedure.

Webdecorum shows how the Ionic framework can save the time and money the clients invest by eliminating the need to learn different programming languages to build the app for individual platforms.

webview in ionic

Reason #2: Convenient user interface

You must know that users criticize hybrid apps for being ugly. But Ionic has changed the concept. Now, the users will get beautiful ionic app development despite the application being a hybrid one.

  • JavaScript and CSS will allow maximum customization options for the menus, color schemes, buttons, and more.
  • The presence of high-standard elements makes the UI attractive.
  • Features include the Right to Left language support. So, you can publish the app in languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Urdu, etc.

You can now make the most interesting and convenient interface for the users with Ionic support for motion, depth, material design, and vibrant color use.

Reason #3: An open-source framework

Instability is one of the reasons why developers avoid using any open-source framework for ionic app development. However, the Ionic framework has proved that all open-source frameworks are not unstable. Being the favorite of any modern India App Developer like Webdecorum, Ionic is the perfect combination.

  • Stability
  • Quickness
  • Reliability

The framework can effectively simulate a native feel. App development is always a costly affair. Beginning from research to aggressive marketing, the success of the app depends mostly on how much the client can invest in the development process.

Frameworks can burn a hole in the pocket. But Ionic comes for free. And you don’t need to invest much in learning the framework as it is very easy. So, the use of Ionic will reduce the cost significantly.

Reason #4: Angular is the savior

Every app developer is aware of the Angular framework that aids in creating both web and mobile applications. Ionic implements AngularJS for creating the application structure. As a result, you can access several advantageous features of the Angular framework.

  • Ionic uses the syntax of HTML that will include components of data and app binding.
  • High-performance app development is [possible because of the use of a JavaScript-based AngularJS framework.

The ionic platform has thus, successfully established the platform for building the most functional and user-friendly applications.

Reason #5: Use of Cordova Plugins

The term plugin is commonplace, and you don’t need any software knowledge to know what it is. Being a developer, you must be creating these small pieces of code based on JavaScript and attach them to the app to allow the users to perform multiple functions. It can allow these functions because it will be close t the native language of whatever platform you have used to develop the app.

The Ionic platform allows the ionic app development company to use Cordova plug-ins to access a wide variety of features of the associated operating system, like the Camera, battery, Geolocation, and more. Depending on the nature and purpose of your application, you can use at least one of these plugins for optimal functions.

Reason #6: Faster market entry

If it takes too long to develop the app, there will be more competitors developing similar apps and releasing them before your client. So don’t miss out on the market window.

Ionic allows you to deploy the code to multiple platforms with powerful components and plugins. So, the rapid development process will minimize the time to market.

Benefits of Ionic Framework in Mobile App Development

Ionic Framework is a popular open-source framework for building mobile applications using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Here are some of the benefits of using Ionic Framework for mobile app development:

1. Free and Open source:

2. Cross-Platform Development:

3. UX/UI Design:

4. Easy testing:

5. Full Utilization of Cordova Plugins:

6. Angular JS:

7. Widget development:

8. Enhanced development:

9. App Integration:

10. Powerful CLI(Command-Line-Interface):

11. Useful native plugins:

12. Huge and Supportive Community:

13. Cost-effective apps with less development cost:

14. Low learning curve:

15. High-performance app guaranteed:

Action plan

Once you have decided on using the Ionic mobile app development platform, you should find the community resources to find more code examples, themes, videos, plugins, and blog articles. These will help you to enrich the team with more information and valuable facts.

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