Flutter Mobile App Development Is The Best In The Lot – Webdecorum Knows Why

Flutter Mobile App Development

Updated on April 9, 2024

Mobile App Development

Flutter Mobile App Development

Flutter development is considered to be a mobile-based UI framework, recently developed by Google. It is used for its amazing iOS and Android applications, and you will need a single codebase for the same. It is considered to be one open source and free platform, which will allow the developers to create well-interactive native interfaces within record time.

The flutter mobile app development has the ability to speed up the entire app development procedure. So, the mobile app developers will be able to reach out to a wider base audience within a short period of time.

Webdecorum is one leading platform, ready to use the power of Flutter to create top-notch Android and IOS applications for your business. Being in this field for a long time, this team knows how to create apps, which will attract maximum people at the same time.


Better insights to gain about Flutter:

For the startups out there, Flutter development has always been the best choice. It consists of maximum features that any app development platform can present you with. Understanding more about this mobile app will help you to get some better insights about the same. So, let’s get right into the depth of the Flutter app development platform first.

According to some of the leading surveys made, among all the cross-platform-based mobile frameworks that the software developers are using around the world, 39% of them are moving forward with flutter app development.

  • Moreover, in recent studies from Google, it has been marketed that the share of the flutter developers can be broken into major categories like design agencies, self-employed, startups, and enterprise developers.
  • Google further came up with the 1.20 version of the Flutter cross-platform framework. Some reports state that the number of Flutter-based apps has increased in Play Store from 50,000 to 90,000 since 2020 April. The beta version of Flutter was launched on March 13th, 2013, and it was first released on December 4th, 2018.
  • Flutter happens to be the most top and powerful framework when compared to some of the other languages. The app developers will find it a lot easier and fruitful to work with this form of the app development framework.

So, it is not that hard to state that Flutter development has gained the name to be a promising app development platform, using the power of the Dart programming language. It helps in adding up the material designs alongside the Cupertino widgets for ending up with amazing native apps.

It was in 2018 December that Flutter went live. Currently, it has reached around 2 million users by the end of April 2020.

All these interesting features mentioned above will clearly show why Flutter is considered to be the best mobile app development solution for all startups in 2021. The more you research, the better points you will come up with.

Best way to create faster apps with Flutter:

Webdecorum is using the power of Flutter to create apps, which are way faster than what you can anticipate. In case the apps take time to load slowly, people will simply not install them and look for the competitors. There are so many apps focusing on the same function. So, looking for yet another new one won’t be that difficult for the people.

  • But, when the time comes, and you start crafting your IOS or Android app using Flutter, you are deploying the Skia graphics library.
  • It is considered to be fast and has a matured set of graphic libraries with a major backend.
  • It has a shooting speed of a whopping 120 fps. So, with Flutter, you will receive super-smooth UI, which will load faster in even the shakiest of the connectivity.

Just like we hired a separate team to work on hybrid app development pros & cons, we have yet another team that knows the value of the Flutter app development framework and will use its value to the fullest. We have in store for you a level of service that will amaze you. Our goal has been to create outstanding apps for both startup and established firms, and Flutter is making it even more possible for us to achieve that goal.

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Always enjoy the better UI consistency:

Flutter helps in deploying the same UI and the major business logic on all available platforms. So, that makes them quite consistent. You might now argue that all the cross-platform frameworks will be sharing codebase between platforms. But the case is a bit different with Flutter. Flutter happens to be the only framework, which will allow sharing of the UI code along with UI itself.

flutter users positively satisfied with dart

There are so many reasons why Flutter mobile UI framework is the best we could possibly ask for in Webdecorum. Join us and learn more about hybrid mobile app development as well. We have teams of well-trained professionals ready to create top-level mobile apps for your business to thrive.

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