Digital Marketing Trends of 2023

Digital Marketing Trends of 2021

Updated on April 9, 2024

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Trends

Digital marketing trends has undergone much evolution with the growth of virtual platforms that are replacing in-person involvements along with campaign redesigning that acknowledges the new reality. But with a quick onset of some of the latest technologies and trends, all skilled digital marketers should look more into what the future holds.

Thus, in the coming year try

  • Will content marketing remain king of digital marketing?
  • Which all platforms must all brands do investment?
  • In what way marketers can do the best engagement and hold consumers?

Well! It’s never early to initiate research, planning as well as strategizing. Staying updated with all digital marketing trends 2021 bits of help in perfectly shaping strategic positioning along with communications of your business. All consumers who will be engaging with your brand on social media through apps and websites can enrich their experience with the incorporation of important digital marketing trends of 2021. There are many digital marketing company in India that are already following these trends.

Reviewing revolution in digital marketing, platforms, as well as technology for the coming year, can assist all marketers to recognize all novel opportunities that all agile trades and marketers can easily tap into. Here is a list of all the latest trends and how all these improvements are shaping the digital industry so that you can easily initiate some reworking in your existing marketing strategy.


AI-powered Chatbots is powering more than 85% of the customer interactions at present. This trend is growing in demand as more and more customer are preferring this mode for communicating with business and brand. The reason behind its growing demand is

  • It offers 24 hours service to the customer
  • Reliable answers to simple questions thereby consuming less time.
  • Solves customer queries rapidly by giving instant answers.

Ai powered chatbots in insurance


Nowadays consumers are expecting for a more personalized experience for shopping as they find it more appealing and are not getting satisfaction with the generic or traditional method of advertisement. This is the reason why there is an increase in the use of marketing personalization among online advertisers in some of the other form. Personalization can be easily used with emails, website content, campaigns as well as advertisement. Because of personalized advertisement, there is high average order values, enhanced customer retention, improved conversion rates. Web decorum is one of the top web development company in Gurgaon that offers their customers with all the latest web design principles.

facts about personalization


With the huge increase in social media users, social shopping will also become a trend where shoppers will shop in the same social media platform. social media marketing company will integrate with the best eCommerce facilities into their sites. This will helps the users to complete their shopping transaction without leaving the site. With more and more consumers using social media for making their purchase decision, social selling will help online retailers to sell their product directly to the customers. While some of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat have started native shopping, in the coming year eCommerce functionalities are expected to become more and more advanced.



In coming days GDPR will become global, and it will be mandatory to align every organization data protection rules with GDPR. Guidelines provide by GDPR for data protection practices helps in making it more structured, protected as well as apparent.

know your (customer's) right: 8 ways GDPR expand EU privacy rights


With voice search facility a user can easily present their query to a smart device and obtain an answer from a virtual assistant powered by AI like Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri. By this year-end half of the online searches will be voice search and by the year 2022, it is expected more than 50% of the household will have these smart speaker devices. When marketers will optimize their website for voice search, it helps them in

  • Driving in more traffic
  • Enhance user experience
  • Bring in more local business

VOICE SEARCH in digital marketing trends


A long-form video is a video with a duration longer than what is typical for a distribution channel. A large number of smartphone users view videos that are more than 20min duration and it helps in educating consumers and brand building. A marketer benefits from long-form video because of

  • Long website visit
  • Increase the rate of engagement
  • More SEO value
  • Enhanced visibility on YouTube

LONG FORM VIDEO in digital marketing trends


Since few years users of potential messaging apps like WhatsApp, We chat have increased tremendously. This offers a big opportunity to brands as people are preferring to do shopping with brands that do communication through messaging apps. These apps help in providing information to customers, boosting sales and offer strong consumer support. Because of this reliability companies prefer messaging apps for communicating rather than email.

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the power of sms in digital marketing trends


Augmented reality is something that you see in the real world and see it draped with location-based graphics and information. Whereas virtual reality is something where the sights and the sounds are replaced by virtual or machine-generated ones. By the year 2022, there will be ingress of more and more immersive technologies that can be easily implemented in ads, social media, product pages etc. It is also predicted that mobile device will offer a platform where customers can access AR and VR.



Artificial intelligence is something that applies the latest analysis and logic-based technologies for interpretation of events, supporting and automating decisions and taking actions. A large number of businesses have executed AI in one or the other form. This helps marketers in getting freedom from manual processes so that they can focus on other priorities of businesses.AI can easily accomplish tasks like

  • Basic customer service communication
  • Social listening
  • Product recommendations
  • Personalization of email marketing
  • Smart breakdown

health ai market size 2014-2021

Thus, we can say that the year 2021 is going to be the year of unrelenting digital engagement and revolution, where new use of technology, innovative ideas along with all marketing plans will either make or disrupt the brands. By preparing themselves for these trends, marketers and web design companies in Gurgaon or other regions can rise above their competitors.

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