How to Build an Online Portal to Boost Your Business

How to build an Online Portal

Updated on April 9, 2024

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How to Build an Online Portal

Whenever you are running a business, not everything will work out as planned. You know things you want to change, but you don’t know the right path to choose online portal. There are some ways to improve your work without creating a heaping operational cost. Furthermore, the team from the web development company will let you know how to reduce errors and reduced the amount of admin time.

If you want to be better and more productive, portals are tools used for productivity leverage. They can help solve many questions raised above the creativity level. For every business, crafting an online portal is important and it has more to do than just web application development services. So, there are some tips on how to craft an online portal to help boost your business to the next level.

Focusing on the background first:

Technology is improving at lightning speed and you have to check on the latest trends that are taking place. Technology along with digital developments like online portals, SaaS platforms and IT will become critical assets that your company needs.

  • Furthermore, these digital innovations can also drain you out of your funds if you cannot manage their implementations. So, you have to choose the right tech for business goals and staff workflow
  • Creating a made-to-measure online portal is vital these days and will bring major opportunities to all those who are ready to take advantage of it.

Portal Integration Architecture


Differentiate your firm from the rest:

The business world is pretty competitive. Your idea is not that unique anymore. Competition clearly shows that you have a market for your business and you just need that little bit of push to deliver more value and innovative tactics, which competitors do not have.

  • Creating a bespoke hub of useful tools and information can help provide your customers with a unique process that adds extra value to your business.
  • These innovations will improve customer experience and make your firm more appealing to potential crowds.

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Always stay updated with changing times:

By presenting innovative and digital solutions to your clients, you are most likely to meet their demands well. It helps to add value to your business and also makes up for those areas where value has reduced with the shifts in customer demand.

In case you fail to evolve to the digitalized thinking world, then your business is likely to fail big time! Opening up your business to new digital innovation is the only way to help keep your company afloat.

The global market is your helping hand:

The number of SMEs which are going global is huge and with most updated government figures documenting a 6.6% increase in businesses exporting abroad. This figure is subject to grow big time with the world population growth.

  • By crafting tools as SaaS distributed online, you can help anyone to be a part of your business module.
  • Facebook alone has more than 2.38 billion monthly active users. So, you need to create a digital solution to match the size of the audience.

Accessing real-time data smoothly:

Real-time data is that information your company can gather automatically as it happens. Some examples are event information from devices, customer usage of any particular item or service, and more. One major example will be smart meters all across different households to show how much electricity, gas, or water they have used up until that point.

Real Time Data Processing


  • Similarly, by adding real-time data to the online portal, you will help customers to take complete control of the services you offer.
  • It helps them to adjust behavior’s, settings, or even options depending on the insights.
  • Data along with the functions will be a great way to present potential clients with peace of mind as they plan to sign up to your firm and show them that they will be in charge.
  • In case they are a bit hesitant about using your service, it will be a great way to convince them that they are making the right choice.

Instant accessibility to various services:

By launching any new mobile app, web app, or even online robust portal, you can be sure that your services are available around the clock, whenever needed. Potential clients can access your services anywhere and at any time they want.

  • It will help you to address their needs quickly without any hassle and present a perfect customer experience.
  • It helps in reducing the length of sales pipelines.
  • You get to keep everything that your clients need in one place with easy to follow the online onboarding process

The power of APIs:

With the growth of your business, having an automated process is a vital point to address. Business process management can easily transform your company. Connecting business processes is now very important and will allow you to remove repetitive manual tasks to free up your staff members. Overall, it is one way to reduce operational costs. Some of the ways to connect different processes are:

  • Sales CRM system to the e-commerce database
  • Accounting system to fulfilment processes
  • Spreadsheets

Full Lifecycle API Management Model


Adding new revenue models:

Going online will help you to introduce the latest revenue models to your current business plan. By expanding the revenue models you leverage, you get a chance to increase the profitable deals big time. It is one proven way to reach out to the maximum audience base and show that your brand is keeping up with the modern demands of customers, globally.

Online Revenue Generation Models


Drive in some new insights:

Apart from delivering value to customers by giving them full control, you can add value to your business by discovering performance insights and relevant metrics. To develop a new platform, you now get the chance to track and collect tons of data from customers and use the same to create detailed insights and improve the customer experience.

There are lots more added to the value of building an online portal to help boost your business routine. To learn more about that, catch up with the Webdecorum team now!

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