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Mobile Commerce

Updated on April 9, 2024

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Mobile Commerce Latest Trends

Some of you might think that mobile commerce is nothing to be serious about, but you can’t be more wrong! Mobile commerce is the next big thing and it is not a fad that people will soon forget about. Currently, this mobile commerce domain is just booming and right now, every kind of business is thinking about investing some bucks in this mechanism.

As per the leading team from Webdecorum, around 53% of consumers are currently using a smartphone for online shopping. Furthermore, 61% of consumers will always rely on their mobile devices to compare the rates and then make a purchase. 63% of the consumers will turn to their devices for accessing coupons or discounts for in-store purchases.

All these points clearly prove why Webdecorum is hiring the best team to cover mobile commerce services with ease.

The facts and figures to follow:

Have you ever wondered why there is a growing demand for mobile commerce these days? Some of the facts and figures will surely help you to come up with the reasons these days.

  • Well, from all the research and surveys taking place, it can be stated that mobile commerce has already generated more than $3.56 trillion in revenue in 2021.
  • The Middle East countries and the Asia Pacific ones are likely to experience augmented market traction between 2021 to 2024.
  • Europe and the North American nations are stated to be the biggest markets for generating revenue through mobile commerce from 2021 to 2024.
  • Currently, the share of m-commerce in the e-commerce retail sector has been around 53.9%.
  • Previously, the size of the mobile wallet market in 2013 was $1.65 trillion. That is envisioned to grow to $7.580.1 billion by the time 2027 comes. So, the CARG growth will be at 28.2% from 2021 to 2027.

work flow of m-commerce

These facts are enough to prove that the value of m commerce is here to stay for the longest span of time. The more you research, the better and higher growths will come your way. It is also anticipated that the mobile coupon industry is likely to grow by 56.5% globally, by the time 2025 comes.

There are some of the top players, which are dominating the mobile commerce arena like Amazon, PayPal, Mastercard, Walmart, GPay, Apple, and more. But with time, according to the team from Webdecorum, there are some other competitors, who are going to enter the market too.

The Mobile Commerce Trends to Follow:

There are some latest trends, which are subject to dominate the mobile commerce market in upcoming years now. Some of those trends have already started and you better watch out for them. The team from Webdecorum will surely help you to learn more about those trends in detail.

The first one is personalization:

With around 61% of smartphone users preferring the platform delivery services to be customized as per their choices and location, the art of personalization will always remain popular when it comes to mobile commerce services.

Crypto payments:

Retailers and mobile shoppers are likely to focus on the idea of using cryptocurrencies such as Litecoins or Bitcoins for making a secure and faster transaction experience.

The value of omnichannel experience:

Around 51% of the businesses are currently relying on the value of 8 channels for delivering premium quality customer experience. So, this omnichannel concept is here to stay and will gain some momentum by the time 2025 comes.

Voice search:

In 2021, around 50% of the searchers are done by the power of Voice search already. Even in the upcoming years, around 46% of the users would always prefer hearing the business rates over voice search. So, this mechanism is also going to stay a significant part of the eCommerce mobile app trend right now.

The value behind social media:

Recent surveys have stated that stores with a proper social media presence are subject to getting 32% more sales. So, there are so many companies, which are relying on the value of mobile commerce these days for the sake of increasing their revenue.

Augmented reality at its best:

By giving the customers the opportunity to virtually try out the products and interact with the same, the value of Augmented Reality has now grown. It helped in bringing around $120 billion of sales by 2021 and this number is subject to growth for sure.

Proximity marketing:

Some of the Wi-Fi and BLE-powered technologies are likely to target their users within a chosen radius of the physical store. It helps in increasing the sales to the next level. Well, this is yet another positive trend that you will see while focusing on mobile commerce services.

future of m-commerce

These are a few of the many trends that come in handy with mobile commerce services. The team from Webdecorum is well-aware of all these trends and will use the best ones for your service.

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