Scripted Success Story Of The Companies Opted For Magento 2 Development Service

Scripted Success Story Of The Companies Opted For Magento 2 Development Service

Updated on April 9, 2024

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There are many in the queue but the Best stands tall! E-commerce business finds their answer in Magento. A Magento development company offers online website merchants extensive marketing, tools for catalog management, and optimizing their search engine. About 1.2% of the Magento platforms are powering the web and take up about 12% of the shares of the market when they set up e-commerce websites.

The emergence of Magento Development Services

Magento, a current high-end e-commerce platform with proper and rich features, is trusted by several merchants online to settle their businesses. Magento support and maintenance have helped merchandise worth $155 billion to be traded online.



Magento e-Commerce Development Editions

Magento 2 development helps the websites to become more mobile-friendly. In today’s situation, the usage of mobiles and smartphones has become a boon to keeping connected to the world. With responsive themes and the checkout system much more optimized, the merchants can choose their wanted system.

The editions of Magento include:

Magento Open Source (Former Magento Community):

  • This edition is free for other merchants and can be used for self-hosting. It is customizable and be downloaded. The merchants can use Magento to create the e-commerce platform and configure it according to their needs.
  • Magento Commerce (Former Magento Enterprise): There were two types of Magento commerce at the beginning—Magento enterprise and Magento enterprise cloud. The features of both of them have been brought into Magento Commerce, a premium option against Magento Open Source. The customers get the best interaction with the brand of the merchant. The Magento commerce system is dynamic, providing the clients with third-party integrations along with changing headless architecture for better functioning.
  • Magento Commerce Cloud (Former Magento Enterprise Cloud): It is a robust platform that is trusted by famous websites for the best performance of their online website. Features that Magento Commerce Cloud offers include continuous deployment, high scalability, enhanced security, rapid development, and a customizable environment. The Cloud version offers features such as the pre-integration of the content delivery network and tools for maintaining the performance of the website.

Products of Magento 2 Development

The business and purposes of the merchants’ website help to decide which Magento 2 product should be chosen.

Six products are provided for:

  • Simple products allow the provision of distinguished prices and controls. This option is chosen for the single shelf-keeping units (SKU).
  • Grouped products include various simple products being represented on one page as a group.
  • Configurable products have various options that include color, size, and other features. These can be termed simple products with different SKUs.
  • The virtual product does not provide access and involves things such as subscriptions and services. Virtual products can be in the form of groups or bundles.
  • Bundle products can help the merchant to make customized listings of the products and can involve both simple and virtual products.
  • Downloadable products are the ones that can be downloaded by the customers such as music, eBooks, applications, and software.
Products of Magento 2 Development


Advantages of Magento Development

About 10 to 80% of the growth of an e-commerce business is provided by the Magento development companies in the world.

Magento has become the most chosen platform for e-commerce in the fashion sector. The industries that make use of the Magento development services the most involve furniture, bags, shoes, fashion, apparel, groceries, and food. The advantages of using Magento include:

  • Magento is a platform that can cater to the needs of advertising several products on the online website of the merchant. The Magento development company can provide for a strong platform that can run without an issue even with hundreds of products being advertised on it.
  • The Commerce edition of Magento has made SEO very easy by making SEO-friendly URLs. Making the pages responsive, Magento e-commerce development can make the websites available on all devices and browsers, helping with the best customer experience.
  • Through Magento 2 development, the websites can be loaded at a faster speed even with multiple products being advertised on the store.
  • With Magento 2 development, the merchants will have a flexible content management system. The merchants will be able to provide a user-friendly feel and customized offerings, helping them to trickle with the functioning of the store. The manipulations can be done with an intuitive page editor called the What You See Is What You Get system.
  • The entire website can be customized by the merchant through the use of Magento. Everything functional aspect of the website can be enhanced with the multiple plug-ins present in it. Customizations are high enough to cater to every need of the customers on the website.
  • The Magento support and maintenance allows the merchants to have high-end reporting on their website, offering almost 20 reports. The merchant can get information about the orders, products, and customers—constantly updating the information, and reporting it to show the most recent information to the merchant.
Advantages of Magento Development


Reasons to Choose Magento Development

The Magento Development Companies can provide for a lot of help to the merchants. The reasons to choose Magento e-commerce development include:

  • Being able to manage multiple storefronts
  • Creating robust architecture
  • Being able to target the omnichannel
  • Get access to flexible APIs
  • Providing fast rendering
  • Providing multiple payment methods to the customers
  • Providing inventory control

Now, that you know the reasons behind choosing Magento development, you can go forward and take a look at the Magento development companies. Your website will start booming by taking a step towards Magento development.

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