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Secrets of Website Security

Updated on April 9, 2024

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Maybe the website has not been updated on time, or there are insecure passwords. Anything can happen, which will compromise the security of the website. The team from Webdecorum has already helped multiple hacked sites with top-notch website security over here. So, we are able to show the ways which you can use to secure a website. But first, it is time to know what website security is all about!

Understanding website security:

While it might be great that you are taking proper steps to secure the website, it is vital to realize that web security is a continuous procedure. Hackers are now a creative lot, so there are threats evolving constantly. A proper plug-in will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to malware but being vigilant and cautious; website security clinches a bit.


Ways to secure a website from hackers:

For having an actionable plan to secure a website, the first step is mainly to understand how the website is going to get hacked. As per the research we have made, websites are always hacked through 3 of the major methods.

  • Around 90% will be because of the vulnerability in a theme or plug-in
  • 5% and more will be because of the compromised username or password
  • 1% will be due to the poor web host services

Ways to secure a website from hackers

This form of distribution will form the basis of how well you are able to plan the Web Security and where you can allocate most time and resources.

Protecting websites from vulnerabilities:

Hackers are always on the lookout for vulnerable websites. It really does not matter whether the website is too small or big. They will always have plenty to gain by just hacking any website you want. Over 90% of the hacks will happen because the hackers have successfully identified vulnerability and then tried exploiting the same.

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Get on with the types of vulnerabilities:

Before heading to us at Webdecorum for WordPress Website Security, it is time to learn more about the vulnerabilities. It will help you to know the areas to pay attention to and then focus on the best response. There are some types of vulnerabilities that will crop up more frequently when compared to the rest.

  • Un-sanitized inputs: Input fields always need to check the input before storage or execution.
  • Poorer user role management: the users won’t get full admin access.
  • Outdated software: It is always vital to keep the themes, core and plug-ins updated.

Some of the hacks possible on the unsecured website:

Vulnerabilities are tied to the kinds of attacks they permit and are often spoken of interchangeably. Some of the most common attacks that WordPress experiences will be:

  • Phishing attacks
  • SEO Spam
  • Brute force attacks
  • Cross-site scripting attacks
  • Code injections

Some of the hacks possible on the unsecured website

With the help of our team from Webdecorum, you can get the best Web Application Security services, much like you have asked for against all these kinds of hacks. Just get along with us now for the best ever hacking services all the way through.

How to secure sites against vulnerabilities:

With the help of some tricks and tips associated with ways to Secure Website Development, you can always create a shield between your online site and the vulnerabilities. So, make sure to focus on these points for that comprehensive help now.

  • Make sure to take backups, which are noted to be an underrated part of security strategy. The importance of regular backups is hard to ignore. They are a safety net and the only thing that you can rely on whenever things are going south.
  • Make sure to take time and keep the themes and plug-ins always updated. It might sound a lot obvious, mainly if you read previous sections on how important the updates are. It might be easy to ignore the red notification on the dashboard, but it is time to get the theme and plug-ins developed right on time.
  • Always try to select the best quality themes and plug-ins for your help. There are some factors to keep in mind while selecting the right plug-ins and themes. Always opt for the updated plug-ion and check if the plug-in is popular.
  • Always use the firewall. There is no such foolproof way to prevent the bots or hackers as they design to attach the websites much like yours. Well, you can decrease the probability by considerably installing a firewall.


Protect the username and password:

Our team from Webdecorum will always help in protecting usernames and passwords. It has been found that around 5% of hacked websites are vulnerable to attack because of weak passwords. It might seem a small number at first, but it will be quite difficult to address. We will help you to cover a strong password, which will ensure that your website is always at the top level of security.


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