Troubleshooting a Slow WordPress Website

Updated on April 10, 2024


Our company is very important to find out the reason behind the slow WordPress website. By determining the root cause of this issue such websites can be handled. To find the cause, you will have to check each and every detail of your website.

Check the Website’s Theme:

Navigate the entire site and test the website’s theme by switching to the default mode temporarily. If you notice that the performance of the website has improved. Then there are possibilities that the problems are being associated with the theme of the Website.

Check for the Image size:

Using images that are too large on a website can significantly slow down its performance. The speed of your site loads depends entirely upon the size of the file that comprises the images that are used in the eCommerce website. For optimizing the images and boosting the speed of the website you can make use of the WPSmushit tool. This tool can help in optimizing the images within WordPress itself.

You can also refer to WC Image Guide for more information.

wordpress speed optimization

Check the Plugins:

Plugins may also be the other major reason behind the slow performance of your WordPress site.  For testing the plugins you will have to first deactivate them all and then reactivate them one by one until you actually find out the one affecting the speed.

Check the Memory:

Behind the sluggishness of your Website, insufficient memory limit may be the reason as well. You must increase the memory limit in that case by editing the wp-config.php file and PHP.ini file.

Use Cache and Content Delivery Network (CDN):

You can improve the speed of your WordPress Website, by making use of caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache along with which you can also use CDN or Cloudflare for adding up the speed.

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Look for better Host:

Last but not least, you must get in contact with your hosting provider and inform them about the hosting plan you have opted and its effect on the performance of your WordPress Website. You must discuss the entire matter with them so that they can guide you with a much better hosting plan that can improve the speed of your website.

The recommended WordPress hosting providers for hosting a WordPress website are WPEngine,, and Pressable.

Use tools for checking the performance of the website:

It is important to analyze the performance of the website. The tools that are considered best for tracking the performance and speed of a site include PageSpeed Insights and Pingdom. PageSpeed Insight Tool helps you in finding out the different ways through which you can make your site mobile-friendly and at the same time, it also makes your website perform miraculously.

apache server optimized Troubleshooting a Slow WordPress Website

Nobody likes or entertains slow performance of a website. Thus, it is important to find the root cause and solve the issue as soon as possible adopting the above information.

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